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Charleston is Darryl's name.  Power is Kelsey's name.  The Family is for David and Dante and Ayala, our kids, as well as our nieces, nephews, siblings and parents.  The idea to have an orchard started with Kelsey, at a time when there was only an apartment with trees in pots (our pear tree is one of those formerly potted).  After messing around on the LRA St. Louis website for years looking for property to buy, she came across the page for the Garden Lease Program.  The site was selected and the lease granted in early 2009, and the process of turning 3300 square feet of lawn into annual beds and fruit paradise ensued.


As the idea morphed from a place for family picnics into a business plan, the selection of what to grow changed too.  We are fortunate to be a family of travelers, and have tasted countless wonderful fruits around the world that were unforgettable.  While looking into fruits that would grow well here in St. Louis, Kelsey was amazed to discover lots of varieties we had never tried, even some native only to North America.  The plan to grow a diverse offering of fruits that aren't commonly sold in our area excited us, and now we have 26 different kinds of fruit trees, vines, bushes and plants growing at the garden and in our yard (and even more planned!). 


In addition to fruits we grow vegetables and herbs, nuts and flowers.  As Kelsey and Darryl met as co-workers in a restaurant kitchen, our first idea was to sell primarily to former colleagues in local restaurants.  We have been delighted to find that grocery stores are also eager to buy from us, and have been able to sell retail through City Greens Market and Local Harvest Grocery. For up to date offerings and locations, please check our Facebook page or contact us directly.  The best way to get in touch with us is on Facebook or through the What We Do page of this site.







St. Louis City

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